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Are you burdened by stress, anxiety or depression; concerned about memory loss, concentration problems; fatigue; work or sports injury rehabilitation; head, neck, shoulders and back pain relief; allergies and skin irritations. It's time to put an end to frustrations and finally start working on really solving the challenges.

Accumulated anxiety, sadness and frustration can become locked into our muscles and block our innate and powerful capacity for healing and learning. We work with the body to dissolve these blocks and enable the body to resume its natural state of structural, chemical and emotional balance. At Vitalita, our Kinesiologist uses muscle testing to detect and release imbalances or stresses in the body which may relate to family situations, relationships, nutritional deficiencies, learning difficulties, sleep patterns or injuries.

"Kinesiology techniques resolves trauma and stress in the body and mind by releasing a life time of emotional burden and physical pain... improve posture and well-being...allowing a person to move forward in life"

At Vitalita, we use mind-body stress reduction techniques that uses a method of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiological effect of unresolved stress.

Muscle testing is used to find the stuck, negatively charged emotion stored in the body and release the physiological response to the emotion. Muscle testing is non-invasive, and does not require machines or complex diagnostic tools. It assists us to understand ourselves and others, and often gives immediate answers to deep or unanswered and difficult questions. This helps improve mental, emotional and physical health.

We can address many physical and behavioural stress related conditions; these include:

· Headaches and Back Pain

· Repetitive and Chronic Injurt

· Problems with Digestion

· Problems with Sleep

· Weight Management

· Stress and Anxiety

· Self Sabotaging

· Grief and Loss Management

· Learning Difficulties

· Self Esteem

· Behavioural Problems

· Mental Health Problems

And many other physical, emotional or mental barriers.

The healing ability of our brain and body is miraculous.

Enza offers other services such as Wellness Coaching and Brain Gym.

To book an appointment , please enquire with Enza directly on 0413 697 692 or click 'LEARN MORE' below to view more information.